Adventurer Rank Up Quest Guide

Ragnarok Mobile Adventure Rank Up Quest Guide

What is Adventurer Rank/Class?

Adventurer Rank is how your adventurer level and experience are classified in-game. There are many benefits that you can gain every time your rank goes higher. Some examples are unlocking Adventurer Skills, Pet Areas, and Blueprints among many others.

There’s a total of 7 Adventurer Rank Titles:

  • Class B (Currently the highest)
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E
  • Class F
  • Scout
  • Apprentice (Initial Rank)

How to rank up your Adventurer Class?

All adventurers start with the “Apprentice” title. You need to complete specific rank up quests to achieve the next rank. All of the quests require you to obtain the previous rank first before getting the next rank. Meaning, you cannot skip any rank title. (e.g. Scout Class B)

List of Adventurer Rank Up Quests:

⭐ Requirements:

    • Adventurer Level 5

⭐ Rewards:

    • Title: Scout
    • Unlock Adventurer Skills:
      • Stay Alert
      • Storage Genius
      • Falcon Perception
      • *^_^* (Happy Avatar)
      • >_< (In-pain Avatar)

1. Accept the quest from Kakaro in Prontera

2. Go to Prontera West Gate and look for Charlie Wilson

3. Take a photo of Yoyo

4. Kill 100 Rockers

5. Return to Kakaro to finish the quest


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