Class F Rank Up Quest Guide

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Ragnarok Mobile Adventurer Rank F Guide

How to unlock Adventurer Rank F

⭐ Requirements:

  • Adventurer Level 10
  • Ghost Camera Skill

⭐ Rewards:

  • Title: Adven. Class F
  • Unlock Pet Shop Item: Sweet Milk (Savage Babe)
  • Unlock: Cuisine Association
  • Unlock Adventure Skills:
    • Wolf King Perception
    • Adventurer Skill Socket I
    • Poring Selfie Stick
    • Super Flashlight

1. Accept the quest from Kakaro in Prontera

2. Go to Izlude and look for Steven Rhine

3. Kill 10 Whisper (Use Ghost Camera to capture)

4. Kill 100 Pirate Skeleton

5. Kill 50 Skeleton

6. Return to Kakaro to finish the quest


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