Class B Rank Up Quest Guide

Ragnarok Mobile Adventurer Class B Rank Up Quest Guide

How to unlock Adventurer Rank B

⭐ Requirements:

  • Adventurer Level 30
  • 1 pc. Biotite
  • 1 pc. Pearl
  • 1 pc. Time Twister

⭐ Rewards:

  • Title: Adven. Class B (MaxHP +12)
  • Unlock Colored Contacts NPC – Prontera (Change eye color)
  • Unlock Costume Shop – Prontera (Change Clothes Dye)
  • Unlocked Adventure Skills:
    • Combat Skill IV
    • Master Worker

1. Accept the quest from Solo Took in Payon
Give 1 Biotite

2. Find Kate Somers in Prontera
Give 1 Pearl

3. Follow the quest to Clock Tower

4. Kill Christy (Assasin X)
– You can form a party to help you. Christy has a large HP so it will take a bit longer to kill her

5. Return to Kate Sommers

6. Give  1 Time Twister to Solo Took to finish the quest


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