Hidden Scenery Complete List

What is Hidden Scenery

One way to boost your Adventurer Exp is to unlock Scenery in your Handbook. But did you know that there are Special Hidden Scenery scattered all throughout the game? Yes, there are! Once unlocked, captured photos of these special places give high Adventurer Experience. This is a quick and easy way to boost your Adventurer Level.

How to find Hidden Scenery

To start, you will need to unlock the Camera feature in-game. Proceed to the designated location on the specified map and open your camera. Find the green camera icon on the background by rotating your camera view or zoom-in/out then capture the spot. Once you capture the correct scenery, a message will appear on your screen with the name of the Hidden Scenery.


Prontera Area Hidden Scenery (Complete)

Prontera West Gate

Fisherman’s Wharf

Labyrinth Forest

Ruins – Sorceress’s Stone

Prontera North

Border Gate

Vadon Swamp

Bridge of National Friendship

Bearlus’ Den

Ghost Ship

Ruins – Last Supper

Underwater Cave

Ruins – Tree of the Sea

Underwater Temple

Ruins – Underwater Temple Ruins

Ruins – Deep Sea Temple

Ruins – Sunken Enterprise


This is the easiest and cheapest way to boost your Adventurer Exp. You don’t have to spend too much unlike when doing other Adventurer tasks (ie: Headgear Collection, Cooking, Achievements, etc.). You only need your camera and some Zeny for teleportation. Have you completed your scenery compilation? Let me know if you have any requests and questions. Good luck! 💛💛

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