Job Breakthrough Guide

What is Job Breakthrough?

All transcendent characters that reached Job Level 40, can access Job Breakthrough. Job breakthrough will allow you to increase your Job Level to 70. In order to do this, you will need to complete the Job Breakthrough quest and submit Peak Shards.

  • Skill Points:
    A total of 30 additional Skill Points can be used to allocate to your choice of skills.
    (Job Level 40 🠆 70)
  • Breakthrough Skills:
    Some job skills’ level have increased level limits
    Example: Sonic Blow – Level 15, Heal – Level 20, Storm Gust – Level 20, etc.
  • 3rd job change requirement:
    It is required to have Job Level 70 before you can change to 3rd job.

Job Breakthrough Quest


  • Transcendent Job Level 40
  • 30 Silver Medals
  • 500,000 Zeny


  • Job Breakthrough
  • Uncap 3 Job Levels (Job Level 40 → 43)

1. Find Sjilly in Prontera

Answers per job:

Assassin Cross : O O X O X O X X X X
Champion : X O O X O X X X X X
Creator : X O X O X O X X X X
High Priest : O X X X O X X O X X
High Wizard: X X O X X X X X X X
Lord Knight : X X O X X O X X X X
Paladin : X O X X O O X X X X
Sniper : X O X X O O X X X X
Whitesmith : O X X O O O X X X X

2. Find Higgy Eez in Adventurers HQ

  • Submit 30 Silver Medals and 500,00 Zeny.
  • Once you finished the quest your Job Level will increase from 40 → 43.

Peak Shards

Now that you’ve unlocked Job Breakthrough, you will need to submit Peak Shards in order to increase your Job Level. Increasing Job level only extends the level of the job so you still have to grind for the job experience.

Where to get Peak Shards?

You can purchase Peak Shards from the Vending Machine inside the Guild Hall. You can buy Peak Shards using 20 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Medals, and/or 30 Nibelungen Shards. However, you can only purchase 2 Peak Shards per currency per day. (Total of 6 Peak Shards per day)

That is why it is recommended to gather as many Peak Shards as early as you can.

Where to get Silver Medals, Gold Medals & Nibelungen Shards?

⭐ Silver Medals can be acquired from Dailies, ET, Guild Quests, and PVP.
There is a weekly limit for acquiring Silver Medals:

  • Regular players – 80 Silver Medals
  • Premium Players – 100 Silver Medals

⭐ Gold Medals can be acquired from Guild contributions
⭐ Nibelungen Shards can be obtained by killing Mini MVPs and MVPs in Valhalla Ruins (Guild)

Where to submit the Peak Shards?

You can submit the Peak Shards to Alice Fona in your Guild Hall. She can unlock 3 Job Levels every time you submit 9 Peak Shards.


📌 Job Breakthrough Quest will uncap 3 Job Levels (40 → 43) so you now only need to uncap 27 Job Levels.
📌 Silver Medals is the cheapest to use to buy Peak Shards
📌 You will need a total of 81 Peak Shards to uncap the remaining levels:

    • 27 Job Levels x 9 Peak Shards = 81 Peak Shards
    • 81 Peak Shards x 20 Silver Medals = 1,620 Silver Medals

📌 It will take 41 days to purchase all Peak Shards if you purchase using Silver Medals. (Approx.)
📌 Purchase Peak Shards as soon as you can.

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