Glast Heim Hidden Scenery List

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Glast Heim Area Hidden Scenery (Complete)

Glast Heim Outskirt

Camp of the Strong Enough

Mountain Red Claw

Glast Heim

Women’s Seal


Glast Heim Chivalry

Barum the Divine Sword

Glast Heim Hall

Glast Heim Culvert

Cliffs of Despair

Remnant – Black Blood Instrument

Glast Heim Churchyard

Seal – When the Stars Align

Glast Heim Hall

Mourning of the Eucharist

Soul Suppressing Song – Secret Prison

Demon Cliffs – Asatoss

Room of Prayer – Granite Hallway

Glast Heim Chivalry

Siege Tower

Khalitzburg Knights’ Old Quarters

Glorious Avenue of Merit

Rusty Armory

White Knights’ Old Quarters

War Room

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