Headgear Tab (Handbook)

Unlock the Headgear Tab

What is the Headgear Tab?

One of the best features of the handbook is the Headgear Tab. You can easily track here all the headgear available in game. You can also find here where you can get and how to acquire the headgear including the description and the attributes you can get when you’ve unlocked the headgear.


You can click this option to easily see where you can get the headgear that you’ve selected. Most of the time the headgears are available in Exchange. If the Acquire option is not showing, it means that the headgear can only be acquired from Gacha and cannot be crafted or bought from Exchange.


When you acquire a headgear, you have the option to deposit it in your handbook. Not only will it help you save storage space but depositing headgears give bonus attributes. These attributes vary from Atk, M.Atk, Max HP, Def and M.Def.

Craft Headwear

You will also get bonus attributes when you crafting headgear. That’s why this option is very useful and easy to use. All you have to do is find the headgear that you like and you can directly craft it from the handbook. Once you have the complete materials, you can instantly craft the headgear of your choice. There are two options when you’re going to Craft a headwear:

  • Tracking – If you plan to farm for the materials needed, you can select this option to track the items you need. The list of materials will appear on your quests tab so it’s easy to check if you’ve gathered all the materials needed for crafting.
  • Fast Buy – If you don’t have the time to farm and you have enough zeny, you can select this option to immediately buy the materials you need in the Exchange. But remember that not all the materials needed can be bought from the Exchange. There are times that the material you need can only be acquired through quests or special coins.

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