Monsters Album (Handbook)

What is the Monsters Album?

The monsters album is a special tab in your handbook where you you can track all the monsters in-game. Not only will you see information about monsters but you can get rewards while unlocking them on your handbook. Monster Icons will be grayed out at first. Meaning they’re locked. There are 2 tasks that you need to do in order for you to unlock the monsters and their info in your handbook.

1. Unlock Monster

You need to kill the specific monster to unlock it in your handbook. Once unlocked, you will receive Adventure Exp that will add to your Adventurer Level. You will also see the element of the monster once you unlock it.

2. Unlock Details

Using your camera, take a picture of the monster that you want to unlock. Once you capture the photo of the monster, the Details button will be activated where you can see the monster attributes (HP, level, race, size, etc.)

Important Notes:

  • Once you unlock all the monsters in a map, you can get a reward which you can claim on the handbook. (The red small gift boxes on the Monsters page)
  • You can unlock the details (Take Photo) of the monster even if you don’t kill them but you won’t see its element and you won’t get any Adventure Exp. Also, the picture on your handbook will still be grayed out
  • You can still take a photo of the monster even if they’re dead as long as the body is on your screen

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