Reunion of the Father and Daughter Quest (Elite-Purple)

Location: Glast Heim Hall
Requirement: Base Level 88
Unlock: Spot – Forbidden Books Cache

1. Talk to Sutton
Ragnarok Mobile Schultz Location
Collect 50 Baphomet Horns from Baphomet Jr.
Find Schultz (Horong Figure) behind the Statue

Schultz Ancient Verse Answers:
• Inverted Sword
• Carry the blade
• Crimson Circle

2. Find the Stone in front of the Statue
Enter the Secret Room of Souls
Kill Doppelganger with the aura facing south and take the skull helmet
Ragnarok Mobile Secret Room of Souls

3. Return to Sutton
Show the Skull Helmet to Hexer
Ragnarok Mobile Sutton and Hexer

Talk to Hexer to finish the quest.

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