Invisible Arrow Quest

Location: Glast Heim Chivalry
Unlock: Evil Hood Blueprint
Goal: Collect Items from Special Named Monsters inside Glast Heim Chivalry

These Special Monsters are bigger (than the usual size), have different names and re-spawn on the same spot.
You can find the dropped items of the special monsters in your Quest Bag 

Ragnarok Mobile Mimos Robe Hall Collector

Once you have the required quantity of the items, you can exchange them to Gary Calais Collector (near Entrance)

Deposit the Exchanged Quest Items into your Handbook to complete the Invisible Arrow Quest

Ragnarok Mobile Unlock Invisible Arrow Quest

Quest Item Monster Duration

Tattered Soul Imprint
40 pcs.

Raydrick Crazed Swordsman Alricht
Respawn 4 minutes
40pcs x 4 Minutes
= 160 Minutes

Yellow Arrow
30 pcs.

Raydrick Archer Golden Arrow
Respawn 4 minutes
30pcs x 4 Minutes
= 120 Minutes

Dim Love Letter
30 pcs.

Raydrick Archer Cruelo Crazed Arrow
Respawn 4 minutes
30pcs x 4 Minutes
= 120 Minutes

Broken Bow
35 pcs.

Raydrick Archer Ecklen Magic Arrow
Respawn 4 minutes
35pcs x 4 Minutes
= 140 Minutes

You will need an approximate of 540minutes or 9hours to gather all the materials. Assuming that you can kill the monsters quickly and that you have a normal drop rate. (Green stamina)
If your stamina is already orange or red, farming will be a little more difficult and will be more time consuming due to lower drop rate.
Lightning Chain also apply on these monster drops.

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