Episode 5.0 Midnight Party (SEA Server)

Hello everyone! Episode 5.0 is here on SEA Server. For this post, I will be sharing with you what we’re going to expect for the new expansion update. Please do note that this is for the SEA server. Some inclusions may be different from CN or Global version. 💛

Gameplay Updates:

⭐ Base Level increased to 120
⭐ Job Level 60
⭐ Mentor Requirement Level 90 (Prev. Level 80)
⭐ Adventurer Handbook Bonus Rewards (Monsters & NPC Tab)

    • You can claim rewards when you complete unlocking monsters and NPCs in every town.
    • Monsters Tab rewards are Zeny & Loots
    • NPC Tab rewards are Zeny

⭐ Job Breakthrough for 3rd Jobs (Death’s Breath)

    • Need to finish 3rd Job Breakthrough Quest
    • Need to submit Death’s Breath to uncap Job Levels


New Inventory Items

Item Details

Quest Manual

This is where you’ll find all the available quests in-game.
(ie: Main Stories, Side Quests, Bard/Minstrel Quests & Tutorials)

Pet Handbook

Everything you need to know about Pets can be found here.
You will find the lists of pets available for taming and fusion including pets’ skills, taming items, etc.

Pet Egg Bag / Box

All of your pets can be found in this bag. 

Assistant’s Medal of Honor

This can be obtained by completing assistant tasks. (weekly cap 1,800)
This item can be used to purchase different materials and consumables in-game.
Each assistant offers different items.

Maple Imprint

This item can be acquired from completing in-game quests.
You can use this item to buy costumes, headgears, Eden coins, Adv. Meatballs, & Colorful Shells



New Assistant’s Interface

There’s a new look when opening your Assistant’s Interface. You can now receive rewards when completing daily & weekly tasks, and when you accomplish achievements.

    • ✪ Tasks – Here you will find the Daily, Weekly & Tutorial tasks you can complete
    • ↝ Growth – You can now create and/or follow Equipment builds to help you easily organize and see the best build combinations for your job
    • 📈 Finance – The old Exchange rates can now be found in this tab

New Assistants Available

There are more assistants available that you can hire. Each assistant has a requirement to be unlocked. You can find them in the Assistant’s Room (Upper Left of Prontera Royal Hall)


New Maps

Map Details



  • Umbala Cottage (NPC: Marion Jolie)
  • Chief’s Market (NPC: Salaman)
  • (NPC: Nani)


Spot: (NPC: A Miao)
Job Breakthrough NPC can be found here

Niflheim (Town of the Dead)

Bard / Minstrel Quest:

Matt Murray


Lord of Death (MVP)

The Misty Forest


Tomb Zombie & Tomb Zombie *
Flute Player (Mini MVP)
Wolf Grandma (MVP)

Cannot use Fly Wing



Lude & Lude *
Loli Ruri (Mini MVP)
Bloody Murderer (MVP)

Cannot use Fly Wing


Monsters: (Aggressive / Red)


Can use Fly Wing

New Job Classes

New Jobs


Sage ~> Professor ~> Sorcerer

3rd Job Quest Material Requirements:
2 Crystal Mirror
10 Rough Wind
10 Flame Heart 


Dancer ~> Gypsy ~> Wanderer

3rd Job Quest Material Requirements:
2 Wrapping Lace
500 Witch Star Sand


Bard ~> Clown ~> Minstrel

3rd Job Quest Material Requirements:
2 Rose Quartz
500 Temporal Crystal



Weapon Synthesis

You can now fuse weapons to create new powerful ones. You can find the Magic Furnace in Al de Baran Town.


Pet Fusion / Synthesis

With this feature, you can now combine pets to get new ones. Pets to be fused needs to have level 10 intimacy.


Obeanue ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Poring ⭐
Lunatic ⭐

Bongun ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Yoyo ⭐
Munak ⭐

Christmas Goblin ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Poring ⭐
Goblin Buckler ⭐

Marionette Doll ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Lunatic ⭐
Whisper ⭐

Smokie ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Savage Babe ⭐
Peco Peco ⭐
Martin ⭐

Harpy ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Spore ⭐
Baby Desert Wolf ⭐
Mandragora Seed ⭐

Zherlthsh ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Incubus ⭐
Succubus ⭐

Fairy ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Sohee ⭐
Succubus ⭐

Miyabi Ningyo ⭐⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Isis ⭐
Marionette Doll ⭐⭐

Alice ⭐⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Baphomet Jr. ⭐
Harpy ⭐⭐

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