Comprehensive Guide to Equipment Enhance, Refine, Upgrade, and Enchant

Comprehensive Equipment Guide

There are a couple of ways you can make your equipment stronger. In this guide, I will be sharing with you all about enhancing, refining, upgrading, and enchanting your equipment.

Enhancing your equipment

Enhancing is one of the easiest ways to make your equipment stronger. When you enhance your equipment, you increase its attributes(Atk, M.Atk, Def, M.Def) depending on your level. The maximum level you can enhance your equipment depends on your Base Level.

How to enhance your equipment:

  • Requirements: Must complete Enhancement Quest
  • Materials: None
  • Payment: Zeny
  • Location: Enhance Tab on your Bag / Hollgrehen in Prontera/Al de Baran

Simply open your bag/inventory and open the Enhancement Tab. Choose the equipment you want to enhance (must be equipped) and you can enhance it until it reaches its maximum level.

Each enhancement level will cost more than the previous one. This means the cost of enhancement will go higher and higher until you reach its maximum level.

You can transfer the enhancement of your equipment to other equipment as long as you can equip it. Depending on the equipment’s level(rare, crafted, looted), the enhancement level can either stay the same or it can decrease if the level of the other equipment is lower.


Refining your equipment

Refining is similar to enhancement. It can boost your equipment’s attribute and make it stronger. But this time, it will give a Refined attribute to your item (Refine Atk, Refine M.Atk, etc.) instead of the basic attributes. The maximum level of refinement is +15 for all types of equipment.

How to refine your equipment:

  • Materials:
    • +1 to +9 = Elunium (Armors) & Oridecon (Weapons)
    • +10 and above = Enriched Elunium & Enriched Oridecon
  • Payment: Zeny
  • Location: Hollgrehen in Prontera / Al de Baran

There are two options when you’re refining a piece of equipment:

Safe Refine:

  • Always 100% Success but will require more materials and Zeny than normal refine
  • Will ask you for the same type of equipment to be refined and the quantity will increase as the refinement level increases
  • You can use broken items for safe refine

Normal Refine:

  • 100% Success only until +4
  • Will only ask you for refinement stones and Zeny
  • Has a chance to break the item if refining to +5 and above

If your item gets broken, you will see a red hammer symbol on your equipment. This only means that you won’t be able to refine it unless you repair your item so you don’t have to worry! You can still use your broken equipment for as long as you like. But if you decide to refine it, you’ll have to repair the equipment first.

How to repair broken equipment?

To repair your broken equipment all you need is another same equipment to fix it. You can use either clean, broken, slotted, etc. as long as it’s the same item. So your best way is to find a cheaper version of your broken equipment to repair it.


Upgrading your equipment

Upgrading is quite different because not all equipment can be upgraded. You can only upgrade a piece of equipment if it’s crafted or a rare drop. You will see an 🠝 arrow symbol right beside the icon of your equipment if it’s upgradeable.

Red Arrow = You can upgrade the equipment but you lack the required materials
Blue Arrow = You have all the required materials for upgrading

Tier Levels

  • Each equipment has different tier levels so you have to check their description in-game.
  • Example: Nile’s Bracelet’s max tier level is 8 (VIII) / Matyr’s Leash’s max tier level is 10 (X)

Weapon Form

  • Crafted equipment (first form) can be upgraded to a higher form of equipment that can also be upgraded to reach the max level.
  • Example: Cross Bow can be upgraded to Mystery Bow and Mystery Bow can be upgraded up to Tier VIII

Job Requirement

  • You have to carefully read the description of the equipment before upgrading them. Some equipment cannot be worn by specific jobs once you upgrade.
  • Example: Mage Coat can be worn by All Jobs but once upgraded to Robe of Cast, it can only be worn by Mage Jobs/Advanced Novice


How to upgrade your equipment:

  • Materials: Depending on the equipment and Tier level
  • Payment: Zeny
  • Location: Equipment Window

When you open the Equipment Window, you will find an arrow right beside it. Simply click on the icon to see all the materials required and the cost of upgrading. Once you have all the required materials, just click on Upgrade and it will automatically upgrade the item for you.


Enchanting your equipment

Enchanting your equipment is a very special way to make it powerful. Compared to the first three, enchanting doesn’t have any maximum levels for you to achieve but it allows you to give your equipment special bonus effects and attributes. There are 3 types of enchantment that you can do and you have to complete a quest to unlock them. The quests can be unlocked through the same Cat Friend NPC located in Geffen

Basic Enchantment

Requirement: Base Level 40
Process: Talk to Cat Friend NPC to Unlock.

Requires 5,000 Zeny per try
Only gives very basic bonus attributes

Intermediate Enchantment


  • 30 Scell
  • 30 Immortal Heart
  • 5 Mora Coins

Process: Talk to Cat Friend NPC, follow the quest prompts, and submit materials to unlock.

Requires 2 Mora Coins and 5,000 Zeny per try
Gives a higher chance of good attribute enchantments and bonus special effects

Advance Enchantment


  • Base Level 70
  • 3 pcs. Light Granules
  • 3 pcs. Star Crumbs
  • 3 pcs. Parts
  • 10 pcs. Mora Coins

Process: Talk to Cat Friend NPC, follow the quests prompts, and submit materials to unlock.

Costs 5 Mora Coins and 20,000 Zeny per attempt
Gives the highest chance to get better attributes and bonus special effects



  • Refined and/or Enchanted equipment are the only ones accepted on Exchange
    • Enhancements and Upgrades will be removed
    • Zeny and Materials will be returned
  • Enhanced equipment cannot be stored (Kafra)
  • Enhancement can be transferred to gears your character can equip
    • Enhancement level may decrease if the level of the equipment is lower than the current one (e.g.: Rare Equipment ~> NPC Bought Equipment)
  • Advance Enchantment is more advisable to use since it has a wider range of better attributes and special effects

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