Doram Episode: SP Sweet Summoner (SEA Server)

Ragnarok Mobile Sweet Summoner Doram Update

Hello everyone! We’ve got some big updates for today. The awaited Doram is finally coming to Ragnarok Mobile SEA Server and we’ve got few other things on our plate too. Join me in this post to check out what we have for this special episode! 💛

Gameplay Updates:

3rd Jobs

    • Base Level increase to 140
    • Job Level increased to 80
    • Force Focus max level now Lvl. 20

Homeland System 2.0

  • Garden now available (Outdoor)
  • Furniture will now have indoor and outdoor limitation
  • Find NPC Ferrut in Prontera to unlock Garden

    • 50 pcs. Nine Worlds Rough Stone
    • 200 pcs. Plateau Woods
    • 2,000,000 Zeny

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Ragnarok Mobile Navigation View

Pet Adventure

It has now a repeat option so we won’t have to manually choose the pets and the locations again and again! Yes! 💛

Ragnarok Mobile Pet Adventure Update


    • Monster cards from EP 6.0 now included in the Fantasy Generator III
    • EP 6.0 Mini MVP and MVP can be crafted from Combined Fate (King Poring)
    • 2 New Runes added for each class
    • Recharge Double Bonus reset
    • SP Premium Card Rewards:
         ⭐ Headwear Holy Wings
         ⭐ Eden Coins x1000
         ⭐ Faith Nail x50
         ⭐ Goddess Box x1
         ⭐ Greed Chest SP x1


New Race: Doram Update 🐱Ragnarok Mobile Doram

How to choose Doram as your character?

  • New Character: You can choose Doram as your initial character in the Character Creation interface.
    If you choose Doram, you will be directed to Lasagna Town (Doram’s Town) as a newborn cat
  • Multi-Job: You can also choose Doram for multi-job if you have no slot available.

New Board Mission Quest

Exclusive for Doram Race
Required Level 20 to 35 in Lasagna Town


New Town: Rachel

  • The Glory of Rune (New main storyline)
    • Requirement: Base Level 125
    • Location: Prontera find NPC Healueman
  • New equipment
  • New spots/scenery

Ragnarok Mobile Sweet Summoner Doram Rachel Town

How to go to Rachel?

Access via Airship in Izlude. You will arrive at the Plain of Ida. Go to the left portal to go to Rachel Town.

Ragnarok Mobile How to go to Rachel

Ragnarok Mobile Rachel Monsters

New Maps & Monsters

Map Details
Ragnarok Mobile Rachel City Map

Rachel – Capital City

No monsters

Ragnarok Mobile The Plain of Ida Map

Plain of Ida


  • Stapo
  • Man-Eating Grass
  • Roween
  • Galion (Mini MVP)
  • Hill Wind (MVP)
Ragnarok Mobile Holy Ice Cave

Holy Ice Cave


  • Marin
  • Siroma (Small)
  • Siroma (Big)
  • Ice Statue (Mini MVP)
  • Ktullanux (MVP)
Ragnarok Mobile Holy Ground

Holy Ground

No Monsters

Holy Ground Underground

Holy Ground Underground


  • Devil’s Eye
  • Red Devil’s Eye
  • Hodremlin
  • Fallen Bishop (Mini MVP)


New Town: Lasagna/Rozana City

New town missions
New quests
New Spots/scenery

How to go to Lasagna City?

Warp portal can be found on the upper left side of South Prontera

Ragnarok Mobile Rozana Lasagna Town

New Maps & Monsters

Map Details
Ragnarok Mobile Lasagna Rozana Town

Lasagna Town


  • Yolk Poring
  • Sweetheart Roda Frog
  • Leafy Lunatic
Ragnarok Mobile Dorado Island

Dorado Island


  • Sea Otter
  • Beach Conch
  • Coconut Tree Turtle
  • Miss Tahnee (MVP)
Ragnarok Mobile Ravioli Forest

Ravioli Forest


  • Squirrel
  • Leafy Cat
  • Wild Hornet
  • Basilisk (Mini MVP)
Ragnarok Mobile Treasure Cave

Treasure Cave


  • Rainbow Draco
  • Rainbow Green Petite
  • Rainbow Dragon Egg


New Instance: Cake Battle 🎂

  • Requirement: Base Level 80
  • Location: Izlude, Lasagna, Rachel
  • Find NPC Elnie (Cake Merchant)
  • Reward: White Snow Marshmallow, Star Strawberry

Ragnarok Mobile Cake Battle


New Pets

Pet Details
Ragnarok Mobile yolk poring pet Yolk Poring

Taming Item: Cracked Eggshell
Location: Lasagna Town

Ragnarok Mobile roween pet Roween

Taming Item: Fresh Fish
Location: Ida Plain


Taming Item: Ice Heart
Location: Holy Ice Cave


Taming Item: Red Candle
Location: Glast Heim Culvert


New Fusion Pets

Pet Details
Ragnarok Mobile wind ghost pet Wind Ghost ⭐⭐

Required Pets:

Ragnarok Mobile fire elf pet Fire Elf  ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Typhoon Monster

Ragnarok Mobile tomb zombie pet Tomb Zombie ⭐⭐

Required Pets:

Ragnarok Mobile medusa pet Medusa ⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Yolk Poring

Ragnarok Mobile fire witch pet Fire Witch ⭐⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Little Witch
Christmas Goblin ⭐⭐

Ragnarok Mobile osiris pet Osiris ⭐⭐⭐

Required Pets:
Baphomet Jr.
Minorous ⭐⭐


Assistant Update

Ragnarok Mobile Kafra Adventurer Book

Kafra Adventurer Book

This is a new option in the Assistant’s Menu where you can claim rewards upon completing quests and tasks. It is similar to the daily & weekly assistant’s tasks but instead, you will be receiving Brilliant Commemorative Coin. You can also purchase the Advanced Adventure Log for more rewards.


I’m excited about the Doram Update, the garden, and the new pets. And I’m very happy with the update for the Pet Adventure too! How about you? Did you like this special update? Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks for dropping by and have an awesome day! 💛

4 thoughts on “Doram Episode: SP Sweet Summoner (SEA Server)

  1. Can be unlocked by Doram Race. (alt/multi)
    You can also join a party with a Doram Leader and let them choose the Treasure Cave Rift for you then ask them to promote you to Leader if they need to leave the party. 🙂

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