About Me

“Hala! Bakit niyo pinapatay yan?? Ang cute cute niyan eh!”
(Oh no! Why are you killing them?? They are so cute!)

That was me when I first saw those cute pink porings in Ragnarok Online. Me and my high school friends were in an internet cafe and I clearly remember how I was trying to stop my classmate from killing those cute little blobs over 15 years ago. That exact moment started my love for Ragnarok.

I was part of the prepaid “dial-up” generation who played the old Ragnarok Online where internet connection was slow and intermittent. There were sleepless nights of grinding, farming, buying, selling, chatting and so much more. I remember having to buy top-up cards just to buy the latest headgear in the item shop. Playing wasn’t easy back in the days which I believe is one of the many reasons why older Ragnarok players really cherish the game so much. The dedication to be able to play the game was a very unique experience from the other games available at the time. Ragnarok Online taught us many things and left us with great memories. Friendships formed and love grew both in-game and even in real life. And I’m proud that I have friends that I met in Ragnarok Online.

This is why a lot of the old RO players, including me and my friends, we’re so excited to know that Ragnarok is finally back. The nostalgia and hype were real and I guess most of us share the same sentiments. I was glad to know that they’re bringing back our childhood love with modern twists to it.

That’s why I created this website. I wanted a platform where I can share guides that are easy to understand as well as to compile different info and updates to help Ragnarok Mobile players like me. I personally write all the posts, guides and everything else on this website and I try to write them as simple and as straightforward as I could so, I hope you find them helpful.

Where did you get your name?

My main account in Ragnarok Online PH (Valkyrie) was named Olivia Goldschmidt. I just randomly googled the name and I fancied it. And then I started adapting the name to my other gaming accounts but unfortunately, some games had character limitations for the name so I had to cut it and so that’s where Olivia Gold came from.

What other games do you play?

I play casual or deathmatch CS:GO but my aim is really bad lol. I don’t know I really need more practice. I also play a little bit of Destiny 2, LoL (League of Legends), DoTA, L4D2, and PUBG. I’d really like to play more games if I could.

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