How to unlock ALL the assistants

Ragnarok Mobile Assistants Room

Assistants in Ragnarok Mobile helps a lot in your in-game journey. They provide lists of tasks where you get rewards after completing them. In episode 5.0, assistants were improved by giving them new interface and improved rewards. After completing your tasks, you can now receive an Assistant’s Medal of Honor.

Assistant’s Medal of Honor:

This item can be used to open a special shop. Each assistant offers a different set of items and you have to unlock the assistant to be able to buy from their shops.

You can find all the assistants in the Assistants Room located in Prontera Castle. From Prontera Town, enter the portal located on the 12 o’clock of the map then proceed to the upper left portal

List of Assistants:

Kamilia and Detura

  • Requirement: Base Level 20

Miller and Coco

  • Requirement: Base Level 80
  • Unlock: Midnight Party expansion quest (event) or;
  • Purchase vouchers from NPC Mitt in Prontera
    • Assistant Voucher – Miller
    • Assistant Voucher – Coco


  • Unlock: Complete Stefanie’s quest


  • Unlock: Complete Lisa’s quest (event)

Starlot and Vahalla(Lenna)

  • Unlock: Complete Upgrade Plan VI