How to unlock ALL the assistants

Ragnarok Mobile Assistants Room

Assistants in Ragnarok Mobile helps a lot in your in-game journey. They provide lists of tasks where you get rewards after completing them. In episode 5.0, assistants were improved by giving them new interface and improved rewards. After completing your tasks, you can now receive an Assistant’s Medal of Honor.

Assistant’s Medal of Honor:

This item can be used to open a special shop. Each assistant offers a different set of items and you have to unlock the assistant to be able to buy from their shops.

You can find all the assistants in the Assistants Room located in Prontera Castle. From Prontera Town, enter the portal located on the 12 o’clock of the map then proceed to the upper left portal

List of Assistants:

Kamilia and Detura

  • Requirement: Base Level 20

Miller and Coco

  • Requirement: Base Level 80
  • Unlock: Midnight Party expansion quest (event) or;
  • Purchase vouchers from NPC Mitt in Prontera
    • Assistant Voucher – Miller
    • Assistant Voucher – Coco


  • Unlock: Complete Stefanie’s quest


  • Unlock: Complete Lisa’s quest (event)

Starlot and Vahalla(Lenna)

  • Unlock: Complete Upgrade Plan VI

Bard / Minstrel Quests

Map Details
Prontera Bard Minstrel Leonard Knox


Required Base Level: 15
Find Minstrel: Leonard Knox


Unlock: Healing Staff

  1. Give 1 Blue Gemstone
  2. Kill 300 Willow
  3. Give 30 Rotten Bandage



Unlock: Deathcat Shoes

  1. Give 1 Yggdrasil Leaf
  2. Kill 300 Rocker
  3. Give 30 Feather



Unlock: Magic Trick Wand – Marin

  1. Give 5 Fly Wing
  2. Kill 300 Yoyo
  3. Give 30 Jellopy
Izlude Bard Minstrel Cosma Reo


Required Base Level: 25
Find Minstrel: Cosma Reo


Unlock: Floral Bracelet

  1. Give 1 Blinker Blueprint
  2. Kill 300 Spore
  3. Give 30 Jellopy



Unlock: Magic Bible Vol 1

  1. Give 1 Hair Band Blueprint
  2. Kill 300 Roda Frog
  3. Give 30 Rotten Bandage



Unlock: Disguising Scroll

  1. Give 1 Warm Dish
  2. Kill 300 Skeleton
  3. Give 30 Memento
Geffen Bard Minstrel William Hasat


Required Base Level: 35
Find Minstrel: William Hasat


Unlock: Attached Sword[1]

  1. Give 1 Mace
  2. Kill 300 Goblin(Axe)
  3. Give 30 Sticky Mucus



Unlock: Release of Wish[1]

  1. Give 1 Sixth Sense Potion
  2. Kill 300 Steam Goblin
  3. Give 30 Feather



Unlock: Fooling Laser Gun

  1. Give 1 Disguising Scroll
  2. Kill 300 Goblin Archer
  3. Give 30 Memento
Geffen Bard Minstrel Clem Silva


Required Base Level: 40
Find Minstrel: Clem Silva


Unlock: Mithril Gown

  1. Give 1 “I Miss You” CD
  2. Kill 300 Deniro
  3. Give 30 Memento



Unlock: Memory Book

  1. Give 1 Hot Meal
  2. Kill 300 Piere
  3. Give 30 Garlet
Morroc Bard Minstrel Sibley Gail


Required Base Level: 50
Find Minstrel: Sibley Gail


Unlock: Toy – Ga Ga Ga!

  1. Give 30 Immortal Heart
  2. Kill 300 Mummy
  3. Give 3 Fooling Laser Gun


The Nameless One

Unlock: Dragon Vest

  1. Give 30 Garlet
  2. Kill 300 Muka
  3. Give 1 LUK Dish B



Unlock: Goibne’s Spaulders

  1. Give 30 Scell
  2. Kill 300 Golem
  3. Give 1 INT Dish B
Morroc Bard Minstrel Justin Michael


Required Base Level: 55
Find Minstrel: Justin Michael


Unlock: Katar of Quaking

  1. Give 40 Sticky Mucus
  2. Kill 300 Muka
  3. Give 1 Neutralizer



Unlock: Staunch Cape

  1. Give 40 Immortal Heart
  2. Kill 300 Mummy
  3. Give 5 Yggdrasil Leaf


Los Rabil

Unlock: Toy – Eva

  1. Give 40 Hard Skin
  2. Kill 300 Desert Wolf
  3. Give 2 STR Dish B
Payon Bard Minstrel Mas Augusta


Required Base Level: 60
Find Minstrel: Mas Augusta


Desert Twilight[1]
Alloy Mail

  1. Give 2 AGI Dish B
  2. Kill 300 Elder Willow
  3. Give 40 Hard Skin


Star Marks

Falken Blitz[1]

  1. Give 2 DEX Dish B
  2. Kill 300 Savage
  3. Give 40 Immortal Heart




  1. Give 2 VIT Dish B
  2. Kill 300 Greatest General
  3. Give 40 Evil Horn
Payon Bard Minstrel Bonin Magnus


Required Base Level: 65
Find Minstrel: Bonin Magnus

Gain Noth

Sack Teddy Shoes
Cowardice Blade[1]

  1. Give 20 Panacea
  2. Kill 300 Horong
  3. Give 40 Zargon

Doctor Noya

Unlock: Absolute Field

  1. Give 40 White Potion
  2. Kill 300 Munak
  3. Give 40 Evil Horn


Solo Took

Momo Shoes
Black Wing[1]

  1. Give 2 “Don’t Cry, Babe” CD
  2. Kill 300 Bongun
  3. Give 40 Glass Bead


Moon Night Legend

Unlock: Windhawk[1]

  1. Give 1 Normal Precision
  2. Kill 300 Eggyra
  3. Give 1 Elunium  
Geffen Dungeon Bard Minstrel Aiken Stuart

Geffen Dungeon

Required Base Level: 70
Find Minstrel: Aiken Stuart


Guillotine Katar [1]
Roguemaster’s Bow [1]
Knuckle Dusters [1]

  1. Give 5 Eva
  2. Kill 300 Nightmare
  3. Give 50 Zargon



Staff of Element Fusion [1]
Feather Mace [1]
Bohemian Coat

  1. Give 5 Absolute Field
  2. Kill 300 Nine Tail
  3. Give 50 Glass Bead



Mithril Metal Armor
Rune Shoes
Rescuer Shoes

  1. Give 2 “End of Adventure” CD
  2. Kill 300 Orc Skeleton
  3. Give 50 Evil Horn
Kordt Forest Bard Minstrel Hughes Vicente

Kordt Forest

Required Base Level: 70
Find Minstrel: Hughes Vicente

Yarsuharka Sabertooth

Unlock: Geffen Hairstyle

  1. Give 2 Hot Meal
  2. Kill 300 Kobold(Axe)
  3. Give 50 Zargon


Kuka Sabertooth

Unlock: Parcel Hat

  1. Give 2 LUK Meal B
  2. Kill 300 Kobold(Buckler)\
  3. Give 50 Glass Bead


Tyre Sabertooth

Unlock: Bloody Axe[1]

  1. Give 2 INT Meal B
  2. Kill 300 Wild Rose
  3. Give 50 Evil Horn
Glast Heim Bard Minstrel Belmond Ellen

Glast Heim

Required Base Level: 80
Find Minstrel: Belmond Ellen

Dark Falls / Landing

Forest Staff

  1. Answers:
    – Hayward
    – The Dark Illusion
    – Korena
  2. Collect 150 Devil Heart from Incubus


King Schmidt

Rune Armor
Ivory Knight[1] 


  1. Answers:
    – The First
    – Circe
    – The Assasins’ Guild
  2. Collect 1 Armor from Abysmal Knight
  3. Give 80 Necklace of Oblivion


Wisdom Family

Mirror Shield

  1. Answers:
    – Puppeteer
    – Ancient Magic
    – Goddess’ Tear
  2. Collect 50 Bow String from Gargoyle
  3. Give 60 Cyfar

Al de Baran

Required Base Level: 93
Find Minstrel: Hanneson Winter

Mogada Time


  1. Answers:
    – Dracula
    – Hand of Goddess
    – Che
  2. Kill 300 Punk
  3. Give 80 Temporal Crystals


Legend of the Werewolf

Unlock: Strong Shield

  1. Answers:
    – Knight
    – The Raging One
    – Young Commander
  2. Kill 300 Black Witch
  3. Give 80 Witched Stardust


Mosman Time

Unlock: Al de Baran Hairstyle

  1. Answers:
    – Assassin Cross Eremes
    – The Royal Guardian
    – Geffen
  2. Kill 300 Clock
  3. Give 80 Crystal Bone

Job Breakthrough Guide

What is Job Breakthrough?

All transcendent characters that reached Job Level 40, can access Job Breakthrough. Job breakthrough will allow you to increase your Job Level to 70. In order to do this, you will need to complete the Job Breakthrough quest and submit Peak Shards.

  • Skill Points:
    A total of 30 additional Skill Points can be used to allocate to your choice of skills.
    (Job Level 40 🠆 70)
  • Breakthrough Skills:
    Some job skills’ level have increased level limits
    Example: Sonic Blow – Level 15, Heal – Level 20, Storm Gust – Level 20, etc.
  • 3rd job change requirement:
    It is required to have Job Level 70 before you can change to 3rd job.

Job Breakthrough Quest


  • Transcendent Job Level 40
  • 30 Silver Medals
  • 500,000 Zeny


  • Job Breakthrough
  • Uncap 3 Job Levels (Job Level 40 → 43)

1. Find Sjilly in Prontera

Answers per job:

Assassin Cross : O O X O X O X X X X
Champion : X O O X O X X X X X
Creator : X O X O X O X X X X
High Priest : O X X X O X X O X X
High Wizard: X X O X X X X X X X
Lord Knight : X X O X X O X X X X
Paladin : X O X X O O X X X X
Sniper : X O X X O O X X X X
Whitesmith : O X X O O O X X X X

2. Find Higgy Eez in Adventurers HQ

  • Submit 30 Silver Medals and 500,00 Zeny.
  • Once you finished the quest your Job Level will increase from 40 → 43.

Peak Shards

Now that you’ve unlocked Job Breakthrough, you will need to submit Peak Shards in order to increase your Job Level. Increasing Job level only extends the level of the job so you still have to grind for the job experience.

Where to get Peak Shards?

You can purchase Peak Shards from the Vending Machine inside the Guild Hall. You can buy Peak Shards using 20 Silver Medals, 2 Gold Medals, and/or 30 Nibelungen Shards. However, you can only purchase 2 Peak Shards per currency per day. (Total of 6 Peak Shards per day)

That is why it is recommended to gather as many Peak Shards as early as you can.

Where to get Silver Medals, Gold Medals & Nibelungen Shards?

⭐ Silver Medals can be acquired from Dailies, ET, Guild Quests, and PVP.
There is a weekly limit for acquiring Silver Medals:

  • Regular players – 80 Silver Medals
  • Premium Players – 100 Silver Medals

⭐ Gold Medals can be acquired from Guild contributions
⭐ Nibelungen Shards can be obtained by killing Mini MVPs and MVPs in Valhalla Ruins (Guild)

Where to submit the Peak Shards?

You can submit the Peak Shards to Alice Fona in your Guild Hall. She can unlock 3 Job Levels every time you submit 9 Peak Shards.


📌 Job Breakthrough Quest will uncap 3 Job Levels (40 → 43) so you now only need to uncap 27 Job Levels.
📌 Silver Medals is the cheapest to use to buy Peak Shards
📌 You will need a total of 81 Peak Shards to uncap the remaining levels:

    • 27 Job Levels x 9 Peak Shards = 81 Peak Shards
    • 81 Peak Shards x 20 Silver Medals = 1,620 Silver Medals

📌 It will take 41 days to purchase all Peak Shards if you purchase using Silver Medals. (Approx.)
📌 Purchase Peak Shards as soon as you can.

    Free Stats & Skills Reset in Ragnarok Mobile

    Ragnarok Mobile Free Stats and Skills Reset

    Hello! For today’s guide, I will be sharing with you How you can get Free Stats and Skills reset in Ragnarok Mobile. You can reset your stats and skills in-game by using special items for resetting. To start, here are the things you need to know:

    What you need:

    Eternal Rock

    The item to use when you need to reset your stats (Str, Int, Dex, etc.)

    Skill Reset Rod:

    The item to use to reset your skills

    Where to get the items:

    Buy from NPC

    You can buy the items from from the NPC “Event Items” in Prontera City for 500k Zeny each

    Ragnarok Mobile Free Stats and Skills Reset

    Claim for free

    You can claim the items from your Growth Pack Lvl. 30 (Eternal Rock) and Growth Pack Lvl. 40 (Skill Reset Rod)

    Complete Quests

    There are 3 quests that you can complete to receive Free Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod as rewards. Once you meet the requirements, just follow the Quest prompts and submit the materials to finish the quest.

    Quest: Abnormality on 2F

    • Requirement: Base Level 55
    • Immortal Heart x150
    • Location: Pyramid 1F
    • Rewards: Eternal Rock & Skill Reset Rod

    Ragnarok Mobile Free Stats Skills Reset Abnormality Quest

    Quest: Apprentice Quest

    • Requirement: Base Level 56
    • Evil Horn x30
    • Location: Payon Town
    • Reward: Eternal Rock
    • Note: This is the longest quest among the three but you will also need to finish this for Adventurer Rank C Quest to get the Mentor License.

    Quest: Planes Traveler

    • Requirement: Base Level 76
    • Location: Glast Heim Outskirt
    • Reward: Skill Reset Rod

    TIP: Keep 1 pair of Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod. You can use it for Ymir’s Notebook to get unlimited resets.

    Did you like this guide? Stay tuned for more.
    Thank you very much for visiting and see you in my next post! 💛