Town Quest: Polluted River, Time Witch Zizi (Chichi), & Logistics Apprentice

Quest: Polluted River

1. Talk to Taha

Collect Water Samples
Defeat Poisoned Taha

2. Talk to Cindy
Investigate Clock Tower B1, Clock Tower 1F & Clock Tower 2F
Return to Cindy

3. Talk to Mosman Time
You will be asked to look for a Treasure Chest

Mosman’s Chest Location in Clock Tower B1 (near the Statue)

4. Find Tina in Clock Tower 2F
Enter the Secret Chamber

5. Defeat Fearsome Bernard

Find clues in CT 2F /Investigate
Get Weird Red Scale

Return to Mosman Time in Al de Baran to finish the quest

Quest: Time Witch

Spot – Alchemists’ Guild
Spot – Machine Room
Spot – Echoing Wall

1. Talk to Zizi (Time Witch)

2. Find Little Marty in Clock Tower 1F

Enter the Rift
Defeat Time Traveling Monsters

3. Follow Little Marty in Al de Baran

Answer to Rani’s questions:
12 o’clock

Defeat Pet Punks

4. Collect 30 Silver Gears from Ancient Clocks
(Clock Tower 1F)

Give Silver Gears to Marty in Al de Baran

5. Find Clock Workshop in Clock Tower 1F

Craft Machine Core

6. Enter the rift and rescue little Marty
Defeat Time Traveling Ancient Clock & Alarm

Talk to Zizi and Marty to finish the quest

Quest: Logistics Apprentice

Unlock: Spot – Kafra HQ

1. Talk to Kafra Cadele

Answer to Cadele’s questions:
Thief Union
Canal System

2. Proceed to Clock Tower 1F Find Lenotan

Defeat Mutated Kafra Explorer
Return to Cadele
Ragnarok Mobile Allende, Clore, Amir 

4. Find and teleport the following:

Allende – Prontera
Clore – Izlude
Amir – Payon
Return to Cadele to finish the quest